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No Smartphone No Problem!

By Alvaro Fontan, Posted February 8th, 2011

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We didn't emphasized this enough, and it was brought to our attention to remind people, LOSEIT.COM works without smartphones as well. Once you have your account, you can log your food, exercises, setup alarms, generate reports and more.

Once you start logging food, your screen will start to look like the one in the picture (left). Your regular food will be part of at the "My Food" section, but if you are incorporating new food, you can search on "Search Foods" tab, which includes thousands of items, plus restaurant information among other things.

On the same screen you can always see your daily status of calories burn or exercises done.

Down below on the same column you can overview your plan, how much weight you lost so far since you started and your current weight.

You can always alter your goal by adjusting the final weight or changing how many pounds per week you are trying to lose.


All the exercise you do, gets deducted from your total calories consumed during the day. Always remember to drink plenty of water. Water helps when losing weight plus it helps keep you satisfied longer. With this program you can track also how much water you are drinking, and altough water doesn't have any calories, and you might feel is pointless to do this, if you get in the habit of login the water you consume, you will be able to get better reports about your general diet.There is section also to create and share with friends or family your own recipies. This is a great feature if you usually have some friends over and would like to share with them how many calories per serving that meal was. Once you create a recipe you can add elements, and make corrections to previous recipies.



Now we are going to talk about the AWARDS! Who doesn't like to have some badges to show your friends! Every time you accomplish something, the guys from LoseIt will send an email and will give you a badge you can see in your website. Your friends can see all your achivements and compliment you along your journey.

Coming back to the site will turn into a routine that you'll enjoy once you start seeing results. I've lost over 60 pounds, it took me around one year, but hey, I didn't get overweight overnight, so take your time to lose weight, don't try to rush it. The longer your diet goes, the healthier, and in the end you will be changing your life style for good.

Don't forget to share your recipies, comments, goals in our forum. You could be helping others along the way. If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us.

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