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Lose-It / Portland Tribune Weight Loss Official Quick Start Guide

By Bart Betz, Posted January 20th, 2011

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Entering your information through the Smart Phone app, or the online website, the Lose-it / Portland Tribune weight loss app makes it easy to track your progress

Welcome to the Lose-It / Portland Tribune weight loss application. Using our application will help you track you daily caloric intake, levels of physical exercise, and communicate with like-minded folks intent on taking control of their health and lives. Studies have shown that individuals who track their daily caloric consumption, lose on average 50% more weight than people who don't log their calories. The following article will illustrate some of the highlights of this app, from how to log your calories, create recipes, and track your progress.

Once you download the application, you will first need to register and enter your information to get your account up and running.

Next comes your personal weight loss goal.

How much do you want to lose and how much time would you like to take to do it? Of course these figures will vary from person to person, but the app allows you to choose your goal based on a weekly weight loss average. Generally individuals can choose to lose 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, or 2 pounds per week. Remember, this is an average, but anything above 2 pounds per week is generally considered too extreme by nutritionists and health care professionals. *(Please see our disclaimer at the bottom of this webpage)

Once you have established your goals, it's time to start logging your food intake. This is much easier than you think. Let's start with breakfast. What did you have this morning to start your day?


Oatmeal? A banana? Skim milk?


All of these items need to be logged into your daily record which can be found under the button "My Day" located at the bottom of the screen. Hit the "Add Food" button and you will see 4 food categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

Let's hit the "Breakfast" button.

First you will need to enter the oatmeal you ate. Since you don't have anything under the "My Foods" button, you'll need to click the "Search Foods" tab and type in "Oatmeal". Choose the item that best fits the type of oatmeal you consumed. Enter the amount of oatmeal (1 cup...) and hit the "Add" button at the top of the screen. Follow the same instructions for the banana and skim milk. Once you have entered these items, you will be able to find them for future entries under the "My Foods" tab. If you find that you eat certain items on a regular basis, you may want to create a "recipe" for these future entries. A recipe is a combination of individual food items that result in a lump-sum calorie total. The oatmeal, banana, and skim milk total will be something like 380 calories. Instead of entering all of these items individually, you can simply click on one recipe, entering the info with one click and saving yourself time with common items you consume on a regular basis.


In most cases the "Lose-It" data base will contain similar items that describe the food you have consumed in a given day. However, you may want to enter a very unique item or an item that is not showing up in the database.

For these situations you'll need to "Create a New Food".

Here you have the opportunity to enter as little or as much nutritional information as you wish. The bare minimums require you to enter the food name, serving size, and calories for that serving size unit you select. If you know more about a particular food, such as fat content, fiber, proteins and so on, Lose-it will use this data to give you a breakdown of your nutritional totals over a time period of your choice.

As your day progresses, you can check you caloric total and see how close you are approaching your recommended daily maximum. Of course there is another way to slow down this total aside from eating less.

It's a little something called "Exercise".

Did you work out at the gym this morning? Go ahead and hit the "Add Exercise" button located at the bottom right corner of the "My Day" screen. Entering exercises is a lot like entering food. Choose from a list of common exercises and indicate how much time you spent doing them. The caloric energy burned from these exercises will be deducted from your daily caloric total allowing you to consume additional food without going over your daily recommended maximum, if you choose to do so.

Another fun and useful attribute of the Lose-it weight loss application is the "Friends" area. If you have friends using the Lose-It app, you can send them an invitation through the application to join you in your weight loss challenge. When you have your list of friend(s) you can track each other's progress including, total pounds lost, log-in statistics (limited to daily calorie total), exchange recipes, and send motivational messages to each other.

Sometimes you may forget to log your food intake on occasion. A good way to remember to log your food is by setting up a customized reminder inside the application. You can choose when and how many times you want "Lose-it" to remind you to log your food entries in case you have forgotten to do so. This feature can be located under the "Motivators" tab in the "More" section of the iphone app. If you forget to log your food for an entire day, don't worry, the app allows your to back-track and enter information even if the day has passed!

In addition to the iphone / droid application, Lose-it offers all of the same logging, motivational, friend areas, and more elements on it's main website located at: www.loseit.com. Some people find it easier to enter their food and exercise totals through the website, but it's up to each person to realize their own preference.

Whichever way you choose to enter your daily food choices, just be glad to know that you are using a proven and popular weight loss application that will aid you in your weight loss and health goals for 2011!

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