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  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune

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Easy to use, functional weight loss FREE application helps Portland Tribune readers track healthy lifestyle

It’s a new year, so time to start losing weight . . . again. Right? Maybe this time you can get your smart phone involved.

Beginning this month, the Portland Tribune is working with Lose It!, a part of Boston’s FitNow Inc., to help people across the region lose weight with the aid of the Lose It! app developed three years ago for the iPhone.

Since 2008, more than 5 million people have downloaded the app that calculates calories and helps set weight-loss goals.

Through an online partnership — the first for the Boston company — the Tribune and Community Newspapers across the Portland area have teamed up on a new website giving people access to the Lose It! program. The Oregonhealthylife.com site lets you establish a weight-loss plan and guides you through the dieting maze with help from your peers so you can achieve your goals.

The site includes articles from local health care providers and others, and a forum to share ideas and encourage one another in the weight-loss effort.

Here’s how it works: Go to the website, create a free account and then join the region’s effort to lose weight. You set your own goals, calculate your calories and decide how much, or how little, you want to do.

Losing weight it is a challenge, especially when studies show too many people are overweight or obese. We hope the Tribune’s partnership with Lose It! helps you achieve your weight-loss goals.

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