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Tips for Holiday Fat Loss


Posted by Chris Bathke, December 12th, 2011



‘Tis the season for holidays parties and all the assorted sugar bombs and alcohol that cause millions of people to make that New Year resolution to exercise more and eat better this year. And this time they really, really mean it.


Now we all know prevention is the best medicine, so none of you are going to fall into that old pattern right? I thought so.


Regardless, I’m going to provide you with a few strategies to make it through the Holiday season without having to buy bigger Santa pants.


#1. You don’t have to eat that cookie or have that drink. (Channeling Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting here) You really don’t – it is completely up to you, and only you. The only people to judge you for not double fisting the eggnog are really just jealous of your self control anyway, so go ahead and show them. And come summer you can really show them when it’s time to break out the swimsuit.


#2. Pre-eat. Have a small meal, or even dinner before hitting the Christmas party so that you are less likely to start eyeing the trays full of sugary goodies. Eating something healthy beforehand will also reinforce a positive mental state and leave you less likely to over-indulge.


#3. Exercise before the party. Because nobody is going to exercise after, and by getting in a workout beforehand will help raise your metabolism and normalize your insulin levels just in case a couple cookies somehow make it past your defenses. Exercise will also put you in a healthier state of mind. In fact get some exercise everyday during December


#4. Be mindful of how full you are, and mindful of what you eat. In doing so you might just notice that you really aren’t hungry or thirsty at all. To steal a line from Michael Pollan if you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple then you aren’t hungry. And if you are then eat an apple. Feeling better about yourself and knowing you are in control of your urges is far more satisfying than any sweet. Sounds corny but it’s absolutely true.


#5. Before having any alcohol drink a full glass of water. This way you won’t be thirsty enough to drain the glass quite so fast, and you’ll be better hydrated. If you end up having a second drink then finish another full glass of water first.


Read more tips at http://www.elementalfitnesslab.com



Chris Bathke
Elemental Fitness Lab
11 NE Hancock St.
Portland, OR 97212

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