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Hide and Seek


Posted by: Sherri Sacconaghi, November 6th, 2012,



Halloween is over, and all that candy has been eaten, tossed or given to the switch witch ( it's a kid thing). Time to get back on track. The obvious sugar may be gone, but beware of what is lurking in your pantry.


Hidden sugar is everywhere, even in the healthiest of packaged foods. And too much sugar in the diet can lead to diabetes, heart disease and of course weight gain.


It is a good idea to keep your sugar consumption below 32 grams of sugar a day. About 8 tsp. (this is where you might be saying to yourself “ Oh I don’t eat THAT much sugar”.) Easy to consume that much, and more, if you are not paying attention.


Here is a look at some of the food manufacturer’s favorite hiding spots.


  • Yogurt. Flavored yogurt can have over a day’s worth of sugar on one container. Go for plain yogurt and add your own berries and nuts. Make it a Greek yogurt for an extra protein punch.

  • Salad dressing. A low fat or fat free dressing has added sugar to make it taste better. It can have 7 grams for one serving. Your leafy greens deserve better than that! Try a apple cider vinegar with a little balsamic and Dijon mustard whipped together for a lower sugar alternative.

  • Pasta sauce. Manufactures add sugar to enhance the flavor. Look for pasta sauces, such as, Classico, where added sugar is last on the list of ingredients.

  • Granola bars. Sometimes these are a candy bar in disguise, packing 30 grams of sugar per bar. Try a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit or some string cheese. Or make your own delicious energy bars. Try this:


  • Bread. Even the whole wheat brands can pack a tsp of sugar per slice, so read the labels and look for those without added sugar. Or again, bake your own.

(Yes the bread machines are bulky but there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the kitchen).


Sugar by any other name is still sugar. Corn syrup, cane juice, barley malt, rice syrup, honey, anything ending in “ose” such as dextrose, and maltose, maple syrup, and brown rice syrup, are all examples of sugar.


Read the labels. Avoid products where a sugar is one of the first three ingredients. It is much more satisfying to get a little sweet from a nice piece of dark chocolate rather than a piece of wheat toast.



Posted by: Sherri Sacconaghi
Certified Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer
Ph: 503 621 7549
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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