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Be Random


Posted by Sherri Sacconaghi, August 13th, 2013


Sometimes, despite eating healthy, exercising, meditating and all that good stuff, you can still find yourself dragging through the day looking for a little pick me up.


Before you reach for that triple shot Americano, try a little random act of kindness instead.


For me, this daily habit started, well randomly, by letting the person with only two items go ahead of me in line at the grocery store. Then it was pulling the garbage cans up the steep driveway of my elderly neighbor. Each little act gave me a euphoric hit that became quite addictive. Just one random act a day improved my mood for the whole day. Soon, I found myself looking forward to what I might do each day to make someone’s day a little brighter. Pay for the Slurpee’s for the two teenagers behind me at 7-11(Don’t ask what I was doing at the 7-11, the Twinkies were not for me I swear), sitting with a widowed neighbor for a brief visit, handing an extra Starbucks card to passing military personnel, offering to take group pictures for a vacationing family in Portland, and the list goes on and on.


Studies show that performing random acts of kindness can:


  • Lower Stress

  • Lower blood pressure by releasing oxytocin, (the same effect as snuggling a baby as a matter of fact.)

  • Decrease awareness of physical pain

  • Decrease feelings of anger and frustration

  • Create a sense of happiness and well being


The effects can last for hours or even days. Sometimes the opportunity just pops in front of you and sometimes it takes a little forethought but it works either way.

Even my husband is in on the act. Though it is nice to do these random acts without recognition, He and I often can’t wait to get home to share with each other what little bit of kindness we did that day. It sets a nice tone to our evening ahead as well.


Be good to yourself by being good to others and enjoy. Now I am off to see what kind of random mischief I can find.

Sherri Sacconaghi, AADP, NASM-CPT

Certified Health Coach



"Inspiring you Towards a Healthy Body and a Joyful Life".

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