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Every Bite Counts

By Sherri Sacconaghi, Posted February 8th, 2011

The half of the frozen waffle left on your child’s plate in the morning. A quarter of a slice of cake in the office break room in the afternoon (yes, it has been there since last Friday but hey, it IS cake). And finally, the chips and salsa you popped in your mouth while preparing taco night for dinner. Most people who track calories do not include these little “snacks “into their daily food count. We have all fallen into the “it does not count if it is off someone else’s plate” thought process but guess what? Those extra bites do add up. In fact you can assign an average of 40 calories per bite.

The very first assignment I give to my clients is to ask them to track the food they eat throughout the day for two weeks. Honesty is important here because you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Log your turkey sandwich AND your son’s leftover Fritos, log your pasta dinner AND the ice cream you ate standing up by the freezer door at midnight. This is a real eye opener for so many people who are trying to lose weight and increase energy. A very powerful exercise. This type of snacking throughout the day is most likely not the result of being hungry but rather because you are bored, stressed, tired, anxious, etc. So along with what you eat it is important to track how you are feeling when you eat.

Start logging your food intake this week. Use an app like Lose It, an excel spread sheet or plain old pen and paper, and track the following:

  • What you eat and drink. All of it. Don’t worry, you are the only one looking at it at this point.

  • How much you eat and drink. ½ cup of rice, large banana, Venti Frappaccino with double whip.

  • When you eat it. Identify if it is a meal or snack and the time of day.

  • How are you feeling when you eat it. Relaxed, stressed, bored, etc.

After two weeks, take a deep breath (you might even want to sit down) then take a good look at it. Where are your weak spots? What are you doing well? Most importantly, what is one thing you can change in your eating habits that will make a difference? Yep, just one specific thing. Trying to change everything will never stick in the long run so keep it simple. Need help let me know. Remember, I’m the girl who used to eat chocolate chip cookies and frozen yogurt for dinner.


Article by: Sherri Sacconaghi
Certified Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer
Ph: 503 621 7549
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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