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  • Lost it / Portland Tribune

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A little exercise goes a long way

Study looks at whether low-impact workouts can refresh aging bodies

Now, the research institute is taking that study one step further, investigating whether low-impact exercise, such as tai chi, causes both physical and psychological changes in the elderly. Find out more about this study by reading it in The Portland Tribune here.

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Local Gym Challenges Members to Weight Loss Competition

snap fitness challengeSnap Fitness, located in Milwaukie Oregon is in week 2 of an 8 week Spring Weight Loss Challenge, happening March 1st through April 21, 2011. Owner Margie Archer says this type of challenge program is a great way for individuals looking lose weight and get back in shape, while exercising and motivating their friends.


The challenge was met with great enthusiasm with a total of 38 participants making up 12 teams. Some teams are made up of members who already know each other while other teams (13 of the 38 are people who heard about it in the community and signed up for the 8 week challenge) were grouped together allowing new bonds to be formed in this motivational weight loss program.


Team members are not only encouraged to exercise and shed pounds for the sole reason of feeling great, Snap Fitness is throwing in local and corporate prizes to keep the momentum going. A mandatory weigh-in took place in late February and will be used to gauge the progress of the contestants. The actual weight of individuals will not be posted anywhere in the club, but the percentage of weight loss will be the determining factor to choose an individual winner who will get 3 free months as a prize and the team will receive a free month at Snap Fitness. Regardless of which individual and team eventually ends up on top, all who participate are ensured to reap the benefits of this healthy competition.


Oregon Healthy Life will keep our readers updated on the progress of the competition as well as the champions of the contest.


Snap Fitness hopes to hold additional weight loss challenges this year. Please contact the club with any questions you may have.


Margie Archer - Snap Fitness

4200 SE King Road

Milwaukie, OR 97222


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ph: 503-353-7627

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New Fitness Store opens in Tualatin

Fitness Store in Tualatin

The Max Muscle store at 7684 S.W. Nyberg St. is just one of several fitness-oriented businesses to open in Tualatin in the past year. As other stores have closed in the difficult economic times, businesses aimed at helping people get healthy have blossomed.

“People are focused on health,” said Reginald Lee, who owns the Max Muscle franchise in Tualatin. Lee opened the franchise in October after hearing a radio ad for the company looking to open a new store. He said that his customers are looking to improve their health. With the obesity problem in America and rocky political times in the health care industry, people want to do what they can to take care of their bodies, Lee said.


Read more about the new Fitness Store opening here in The Times online.

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Portland's Biggest Winners

Arthur Wornum of Portland has achieved some personal victories in his weight-loss campaign, starting at 646 pounds after years of bad eating habits and recently dropping to 340. He vows to win "The Biggest Loser" at-home prize of $100,000. "I am doing absolutely wonderful," he says.

Read how Arthur and his father Jesse are changing their lives for the better after joining NBC's Biggest Loser show this year for Season 11.

Read the story here in the Portland Tribune.

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