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Finding Happiness

Ben Davis' inspirational story shows us what is really possible

The Internet is full of videos documenting people's individual stories of accomplishment and inspiration. As one of the administrators of OregonHealthyLife.com, I am often searching YouTube for such stories of weight loss and personal success to share with our visitors. I recently came across one such story that stood out above the rest.

Ben Davis is a young man from Arkansas who had struggled with his weight his whole life.

Struggled might be an understatement.

Upon reaching the age of 22 years, Ben's weight had peaked at 365 pounds, causing concern not only for himself, but his family as well. During a 2008 Christmas visit to his grandmother's in New England, Ben was asked by his grandmother "are you happy?" Caught off guard, Ben replied nonchalantly, "yeah."

But later that night in bed, being totally honest with himself, Ben realized that maybe he wasn't so happy after all. He realized the previous year he had been drifting into a depression that kept him holed up in his room, playing video games, not spending time with his family and friends.

That night, Ben resolved to make a change in his life. He vowed to break out of his sedentary lifestyle and change his eating habits for the better. Realizing that he had no Christmas present to give his grandmother the next morning, he immediately went to work creating what would become her present. He created an Internet blog that would document his progress and journey to a healthier lifestyle for his grandma, family and friends to follow. The blog was titled "Ben Does Life"

The following video it is not only an inspiration to watch, it's a reminder to all of us who might struggle with our own self-doubt and fear, that our dreams and goals are truly attainable if we believe in ourselves.

In Ben's own words; "If you want to do it… All you have to do is do it"

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OregonHealthyLife - Ben Davis Interview

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Ben via Skype about his story and his accomplishments to date. Ben, along with his brother, are well on their way to living the healthy, active lifestyle Ben envisioned back in 2008. During this interview we discuss his previous lifestyle that got him to his heaviest weight, and how he changed his eating habits. We also talk about his thoughts on diet and exercise plans, setting goals, establishing a support network and more. Here is a compilation of that interview:


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