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When driving 300 miles to run 3 makes sense...

Ben Davis Group shot This past Friday evening my wife, two kids and myself started a long 165 mile trip up to Seattle to run a 5K with some friends. The "friends" that I speak of are people we had yet to meet, but we knew they would be there, as excited to run in this 5K as we were.  Some of the people who attended where first time runners, while others were experienced and had logged a few more miles, but we all shared the same passion.
We decided to take this long journey because of Ben Davis. As you may recall, we interviewed Ben a few weeks ago on OregonHealthyLife.com, about his amazing weight loss and dedication and love of running, specifically running road races like this one in Seattle. The interview with Ben really showed us anyone can achieve a set of goals, no matter how impossible or far off they seem.

Running with Friends


Ben had mentioned towards the end of the interview that he was planning an upcoming 5K race in Seattle as sort of a "test" run. Ben wanted to see if he could organize a small, informal 5K run / walk, with people who are following him on his site 'BenDoesLife.com'. This "test" event would be a trial run for his upcoming 31 city tour across the United States. Ben's goal this summer is to meet with people and share his passion for running, exercise, and living a healthier lifestyle.
Map of tour

The Seattle 5K, was a mix between a race and a walk, lasted a little over a half an hour, and included a lot of chatting, encouragement and fun. Ben ran the first half of the course, stopping and encouraging people along the way, then stopped and waited for everyone to reach the half-way point. Ben, knowing what it was like to be a first time runner and the effort it takes, made sure to wait for, and accompany the last group of participants, offering them all his Do Life Calendar support and cheering them on to the finish line. It was a fantastic experience, and it was great to meet such a young guy with so much energy, charisma, and willingness to help others succeed.


I'm so glad we made the trip up there and the 300 mile round trip to participate in such a fun, inspiring 5k event and ha Do Life Stickers d the chance to meet Ben Davis. He is truly an genuine and inspirational guy on many levels.


We here at OregonHealthyLife.com are excited and looking forward to Ben's Portland visit and 5K race, happening July 26th, 2011. As the date gets closer we will post additional information about times, location and ways to participate. Stay tuned and start training!

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