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Lose-It's Million Person Milestone

Lose it BadgeRecently, the "lose-It' weight loss application and website celebrated it one-millionth user. The folks at Lose-It initially released the application back in 2008 with a desire to help people lose weight and live healthier lifestyles using new technologies. The extremely popular iPhone application has been downloaded more than 6 million times, and the last upgrade was installed by more than 2 million users!

The Lose-It app has some pretty impressive statistics to show off after only 3 years on the market. Besides having one million registered users, people using this app have logged more than 300 million different foods -- worth an average of 750,000 foods being logged in a typical day.

But perhaps the most impressive fact to date is the total pounds lost by the Lose-it Community. To date, people using the Lose-it app have lost a staggering 3.5 million pounds.

With the app going strong and the companion website (added in 2009) handling thousands of queries each minute, Lose-It is poised to continue it's quest to help people shed unwanted pounds. If you are not already using this amazing app (or the companion website), click on the Lose-It link on the front page of OregonHealthyLife.com and start logging!

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