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  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune
  • Lost it / Portland Tribune

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Do Life Movement!

Yesterday we had Ben Davis from the Do Life Movement here in Portland. We ran the 5k with him and a group of over 60 people who got together for this event. The weather was perfect, we had a great time, meet some really cool people and enjoyed exercising outside in that beautiful waterfront area.

Ben announced they are almost reaching with one more city to go, 1500 participants so far on this 31 cities tour. The track how many pounds people that ran have lost and the number is pretty amazing... over 29,000 pounds!

We hope Ben and his dad return again to Portland soon. Maybe January 2012?, maybe I heard wrong... :-)

Take a look at the pictures from the event by clicking here!

Down below you can watch part of the brief talk from Ben right before the run. These events are pretty informal and relaxed but fun! On, Wednesday 27th, the Do Life group did the last event of this epic tour, closing in Seattle, WA. There were about 80 people running with Ben around Green Lake.

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